The preparation. The planning. The stalk. The shot. The quarry.

For many outdoorsmen the hunt ends there, but for Mike Robinson, that’s only one part of the process of transforming wild food into the amazing high-quality dishes that he serves in his award-winning restaurants.

Farming the Wild celebrates the sustainable use of wild assets. Our host, Michelin-starred English restaurateur Mike Robinson, takes his viewers along on a journey through the lush green English countryside as he harvests the wild ingredients that make up his award-winning game dishes. More than just a hunting show, Mike guides his viewers through the step-by-step preparation to transform their quarry into a delicious meal that they too can cook for their families and friends.

With an emphasis on conservation and sustainability, Farming the Wild is for both outdoor enthusiasts and foodies alike. It challenges its viewers to do more with their wild game and shows them how they can elevate and delight with dishes they can prepare both at home in their kitchens and outside in the wild.

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